Ain’t nothing wrong with revamping an old tradition

Hey gorgeous,  let’s talk

No, I mean really talk. Remember when you were a kid and you had/wanted/heard of pen pals? Having someone to talk to – to tell about your day, to joke with? Well let’s bring that little tradition back. To be honest, I think that type of connection with someone is really important.

Before Facebook, Twitter, or even Myspace.. writing was important. It didn’t fit neatly into a certain amount of characters, photos weren’t easily attached, nor was the like button a go-to response.

Whether it was handing a note to your friend or crush at school – folding it into a heart or triangle, or mailing a letter with postage. It was almost an art. Nowadays things are too easy, too fast-paced, too instant. Instant gratification – now there’s a nice phrase that suits the era we are currently in.

But I think we should really work on communication, sincere communication. We treat photos, posts, and comments like the classifieds that are no longer relevant. A passing glance – a like there, a flower here, angry emoji, or sad. Sometimes we will comment or repost – but has sincerity, true sincerity, become a lost art in the world of social media?

Don’t get me wrong – I love reposting good political posts, congratulating birthdays I would have otherwise forgotten, and reacting to posts of those I am acquianted with. But, I think I’m missing something.

I’m in Spain. Goodness gracious, I am lucky enough to be in Spain. I am also lucky enough to start blogging about it. But I think that with traveling should come a sincere effort to get to know people… So here’s my ask:

Become my pen pal.

I get it, none of us have time to actually write a letter and mail it (also, my left-handed cursive-y penmanship is no joke). But let’s revamp pen pals from handwritten letters to emails. It’ll be fun, I promise. (How many times have you heard that before?)

I will say this, I’m not sure of the feedback I will get on this suggestion, if any. But I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up with a lot of people, so I would like to find a few people whom I have things in common with – age, lifestyle, interests, etc. I mean, if we want to have a friend like this, we should at least have similar interests, yeah? 

I suggest checking out my bio here to see if we have anything in common. If we do, comment or message me and let’s talk!

I really think this will be fun, even more so if we are located in different countries! I don’t expect to receive much interest on this, but I do think it’s fun getting to know people, so why not?

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A quarter century year old Millennial. This is a lifestyle blog for all of her life decisions, documenting the things she does. Like any normal person she tries, succeeds, and often times fails at things. Follow her on a journey of life's mishaps, adventures, and mediocrity.

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