Saturday Trip to Southern Spain

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to southern Spain with my friend! Mind you, I already live in southern Spain, so this trip was only a two hour drive, but it was fun and definitely worth the drive down.

Not only was I am to get a little glimpse of Gibraltar, but I was also able to go to Tarifa about 30 minutes from Gibraltar along the coast. I am grateful for the trip, but a bit dismayed that I wasn’t able to fully explore Gibraltar – but next time!


My interest of Gibraltar is piqued. Their history has completely altered their way of life. I won’t go into details, besides I am by no means an expert, but it truly is an interesting sight. Further, it’s hard for my mind to grasp the location of Gibraltar itself. With the huge rock of Gibraltar, coupled with the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meeting, it creates quite the climate. It almost looks like the clouds and weather are circulating around Gibraltar itself. Like I said, it’s so cool! Also, because Gibraltarians are so limited in space, the entire location is apartment buildings. Which makes sense when the population increases, but it also puts a cap on population capacity, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, this was my first time walking across the border – so I had to take a photo! Not going to lie, it was very anti-climatic.


City center!
One of the main streets in Gibraltar.




This is not a statue, if you’re curious. It’s actually a woman who painted herself and her belongings to earn money.



Tarifa – now that is a city. A port that ferries citizens from Southern Spain to Morocco. I spend a majority of time here, and thus produced far more photos. One characteristic I was not able to capture in the photos was the wind! Lordy, was the wind devastating. I researched it too and apparently this little place is a hot spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. And I could see why. There was not a moment that my hair wasn’t in tangles and napkins went flying off tables!

This was also my first night out dancing, and I wasn’t sure whether to be disappointed or concerned! I kid you not, it is so unlike the States. Dance clubs open at midnight, but people actually don’t go in until well past that. Some clubs even stay open until 7:00a! But in Tarifa my friend and I came across one peculiarity… because all of the bars were so close together, people were just buying drinks and chilling in the streets. Seriously. People were just smoking and drinking in the small little streets between the bars. Even at 2:00a there were very few dancers in the clubs. Crazy. I took a Snapchat video of one very popular location, just for your viewing pleasure!


You can barely see the outline of land past the body of ocean, but that’s Morocco!


Sangrias to die for and that gorgeous Cathedral in the background.
Calamari with lemon, seriously.. yum!
This pizza was so good! Zuchinni, artichokes, pepperoni.. I wish my friend was lucky enough to choose a good one! All of the ingredients were separated into sections on her pizza.. so weird. 
Don’t mind the selfie with gum in my mouth, but I wanted a photo.


I hope you all enjoyed the photos, I wish I would’be taken more – but next time!

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