Circling Back – Fate or Coincidence?


Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!

I have a riddle for you today, that goes along with this post – let me know if you figure it out by commenting below!

“It is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of the end, and the end of every space.”

What is it?


Have you ever come across a moment where you felt like you’ve been there before? Beyond a sense of deja vu. The feeling that you have been in the exact place, but with different circumstances? And you have, that’s the catch. In life you somehow managed to circle back to a point where you’ve been before. Maybe that experience was bad, but maybe it was good. And there you are again – same place, different circumstances.

Is it fate, or mere coincidence?

Has life placed you in a position were you circled back? Why? Has something changed this time around? Are you stronger, happier, financially stable?

I believe far more in coincidences, but at certain points in my life I see that I have been led down a path that was made especially for me. Call it fate, call it unrealistic.

A friend of mine grew up in Gibraltar, moved to North Carolina, USA and then got married. In the past eleven years of her life she has been married and moved around a lot. But now here she is, two hours away from home. She circled back. She is happier, financially stable, emotionally strong, and facing her prior hardships straight on. The path that she led has taken her back home. Can we call that coincidence?

I myself have found many instances where the word coincidence couldn’t justify exactly how I came to be in the place that I was.

When you can look back at a point of your life is one thing. But when you circle back to the person, place, or object that you were previously at or had – that is something entirely different. When you have the opportunity to look at the circumstance through new eyes, does it make things easier? Better? Healthier for the current you?

With yoga I am a strong believer in ending where you begun. If I begun with a sun salutation, I end it with a sun salutation. Circling back makes the effort feel complete.

Maybe circling back is fate’s way of helping you overcoming prior experiences. To move on. To live on. To once again face those obstacles, but walk away a better, more wholistic person.

Maybe fate is a gentle wind that guides us, rather than a hand that pushes us. Maybe circling back is a lesson to be learned.

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1
by Joseph Gordon-Levitt


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