The day we stopped celebrating…

The day we stopped celebrating…

it went by without a second thought.


Someone, anyone, experiences that moment in time. All around them time has stopped. They glance around, take in their surroundings, and just sit in that moment. They realize, without a doubt, they forgot about something dear to them. They glance at the time, they check their iphone calendar – then they check their wall calendar. They check the time again. As sure as that moment was there, it was already gone. It had passed; without a nod of acknowledgement.

Every time prior it was a moment of time that had to be acknowledged…

whether it was to celebrate a brother’s birthday who has long passed…

whether it was a dating anniversary, or even that of a wedding…

whether it was the birthday of your best friend…

or a pivotal moment in your life when something had changed..

It was a moment in time that was once worth celebrating.

When did it become such a simple affair? When did it stop hurting? When did it stop feeling good? When did it stop eliciting such happiness? You don’t realize there has been a shift until the day you stopped celebrating…

At some point your deceased brother’s birthday is no longer necessary to celebrate.

At some point that dating anniversary is no longer relevant, and the wedding anniversary is just an acknowledgement of time, not happiness.

At some point distance planted itself between you and your best friend, and a phone call cannot fill the silence.

At some point the moment that held a reason for acknowledgement became little more than a brush with life. This brush with life is like looking back at your prior Thursday and acknowledging it was there, and time was spent, but nothing else. It’s like a brush with a stranger on a crowded street. You notice their presence – you may acknowledge their cologne, the way they’re dressed, or their body language, but as soon as they are out of your sight – they are out of your mind as well.

When a certain moment of time, a date if you will, no longer evokes an emotive response or a reason for acknowledgement — is it already too late? Have you gotten over that thing, or that person? Is there no other reason to celebrate or acknowledge? Is the day we stopped celebrating the day we no longer hold the same feelings we once had?

The day we stopped celebrating…is as pivotal of a moment in life as the day we intended to celebrate.

And a shift has occurred, but it is up to you to decide how this shift dictates your life.

– As always, your pensive MM


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A quarter century year old Millennial. This is a lifestyle blog for all of her life decisions, documenting the things she does. Like any normal person she tries, succeeds, and often times fails at things. Follow her on a journey of life's mishaps, adventures, and mediocrity.

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